Community extension collective name poll

As promised in the Community Extension Collective proposal, I’ve gone through the thread and collected all the naming suggestions. The following were excluded because they already exist on GitHub: CommunitYii, YiiWorld, CoDev, DevCo, YesDev, YesCode, YesCo and ExtDev.

Which leaves us with these four options:

  • FossPeople
  • CertDev
  • YiiExtensions
  • YiiPeople

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Please let the community know which organization name you prefer!

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Late suggestions are YiiCraft, YiiCrafters and YiiForge. Unfortunately the system will not let me add them to this poll anymore and I would prefer not to waste votes and create a new one. Please reply if you feel like these are much preferred so I can get a feel about whether I really have to pitch the winner of this poll against these new options for a second round.

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YiForge would likely be more intuitive to a lot of folks including those new to Yii because of SourceForge. However, I really like YiiCrafters.

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Let’s me to suggest:

yiiext-team or YiiExtTeam
yiiext-dev or YiiExtDev

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Just in case, I own yiiext organization at GitHub.

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Given the current results of the poll I don’t think it makes much difference whether it’s yiiextensions, yiiext, yiiextteam or yiiextdev. Looks like a large majority prefers a name without an explicit reference to extensions. Makes sense, slightly more generic also keeps its direction flexible in the long term…


I also see Yiiforge as a very good name, I remembered Wyii ( as ‘we’ ), but yiiPeople is some way perfect, as the votes are showing and as @toMeloos replied «that will not make much difference by now».
Very important: The ‘thing’ is alive and will be kicking :wink:
I hope somewhere the other good names could be used for other initiatives as this fantastic one, so we grow as a very good community.

Forge might also be a good one to reserve for general use within the Yii project. For example, I really like how Puppet called it’s extensions catalogue “Puppet Forge” and put it under the “forge” subdomain:

Craft(ers) definitely has a nice ring to it, but as mentioned in the original thread YiiCraft or YiiCrafters might create confusion with regards to the Yii2-based Craft CMS…

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Fully agree.

It occurs to me that this is really a very basic branding issue. Another fairly prominent framework calls (or called, I haven’t kept up with it) its extensions are the Bakery. Yet another, not a framework, called its catalog DevShed (which
I don’t believe is being used being used by them anymore, so it might be available). DevShed kind of conjures up the idea of a bunch of developers working on software.

I generally think of Yii extensions as being tools, so Forge is appropriate. However, in terms of branding, it might be useful to think of extensions as, well, extending Yii, pushing the limits, stretching it, allowing it to (easily) do
something that isn’t built in. We also need to remember that extensions can make their way into core. Thinking outside the box to terms that no one else is using (I think), something novel and new (like Yii 3.0), we could look at terms like Extenders ((ok,
that’s not so novel, but it works better than Stretchers which are a bit too closely tied with medicine).

Looking at what extensions actually do some relevant words include:

  • Vanguard

  • Edge (very contemporary) or Cutting Edge (suggests fear, to me at least)

  • Fresh

  • Makers

  • Pioneers

  • Trailblazers

  • Makers

  • Lab (this may describe what extension developers are actually doing — experimentation; kind of parallels Bakery)

Larry E. Lutz

Hi guys,

I’ve closed the poll with 32 votes since it’s giving a clear picture and it has provided the following insights:

  1. Overwhelming 75% support for YiiPeople, respectable 25% for runner-up YiiExtensions and 0% for the other two options.
  2. Given only 25% supported YiiExtensions, I’m pretty sure late suggestions YiiExt, YiiExtTteam or YiiExtDev would also not beat YiiPeople in a new poll.
  3. As per my earlier reply I propose we do use Forge and Craft(ers), but for other purposes. For this reason, and the delay of further naming discussions, I prefer not to launch a new poll to pitch YiiPeople agains YiiForge, YiiCraft and YiiCrafters.

Having said this, I hereby assume the naming matter is closed and we can move on to debating standards and conventions. I refer everyone back to the original topic for this.

I’m counting on all of you to not be discouraged by me wrapping this discussion up and speaking up here if you happen to have a game-changing thought about naming :wink:

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why not yiifans ,