Community extension collective

For any name which is about to be picked there should be a GitHub organization available. I.e. is taken.

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@schmunk , yep… absolutely expectable, didn’t had time to check that… So sad… That name would have been a winner…
Thats why I thought it should be better for this to be an yiisoft repository instead of being apart…
Well, I am studying logos as icons that could be used as the logo or else representation that can be necessary, and if I have time think on some other catchy names to be included on my next post.
Everyone should give their ideas and opinion on it too.
I wonder if there is someone wanting to give some ‘colour’ to this contribution also. :wink:
here some starting ideas, all of those icons are vector designed, I just can upload png here, don’t know if there is another way, so tell me:



These designs are great. Have any choices been made about your redesign proposals for Yii itself? It would make sense to pick a community logo in the same style/theme so this decision would depend on that decision.

Once that is clear my preference would be the one that best combines a visual reference to (1) yii, (2) extensions/packages and (3) community/collaboration.

What about something more like this:


“ii” looks like two persons, so IMO it is pretty good connection of “yii” and “people”.


That’s cool! I like box-like things with Yii logo that are close to “Yii packages”.


yes @toMeloos you are right ,this is a first sketch and I did followed the base concept on my redesign proposal, maybe I am too attached to it yet, and they are not official, just a proposal. It is a starting, as this is a process and I am trying not to include letters, lettering or names, and as you say it must combine a visual reference with official existent ones, I am working on it.

At first, for prevent influencing on this first approach, I didn’t explain each one, but maybe it is good for all to know my thoughts on what represent those sketches:

First line left to right

  • code evolution 1
  • code evolution 2
  • code tag like symbol
  • package / code reader person v1
  • package / code reader person v2
  • Letter Y from YII in center, check symbol, person /coder
  • developer team island desk top view, Y from yii in center
  • C from code, yii actual logo
  • Box yii logo package v1
  • Box yii logo package v2
  • yii extensions packages

Second line left to right

  • code tag symbol, as flower
  • embracing packages as code evolution
  • extending code
  • again Y of yii implicit, people like suggestion
  • people like suggestion
  • collaborative people, embracing
  • Y flower
  • package box, yii symbol
  • yii beyond code I
  • Yii beyond code II
  • Yii From

Third line left to right

  • Code tag
  • stacking code extensions/packages, suggest person
  • Stacking hands of people as commitment
  • People supporting people
  • People
  • Check
  • People, flower, Y in center
  • Certificate shield like 1
  • Certificate shield like 2
  • Certificate shield like 3
  • Certificate shield like 4

Of course, it can be interpreted, anyone can see anything, be free to give your inputs.
I will post soon another ones.

First row, last but one is a winner for me. IMHO, it should not necessarily have people in it but should be Yii-ed


Hi all, bit delayed but as promised I looked at the potential names. Spun off naming discussions in a separate thread, so please have a look at it and vote: Community extension collective name poll!

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is it final? I just think about something like YiiCraft/Crafters or YiiForge. Both variants are available on github

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Hi Community!
Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy last days.
As promised, some more sketches ideas for the logo and lettering ( Designed letters for the actual name but may be designed other names).


@Insolita , Yiiforge is a very good candidate in my opinion, hope it do not exist similar and @toMeloos include it on the poll. Craft is good too, but it may be confused with craft-cms that already exists.

It doesn’t have to be final, but I cannot include it in the poll anymore. Polls cannot be edited after 5 minutes after creation. I’ve added a call to action in the naming poll thread though to see what we can do with these good but late suggestions. Hoping to separate naming discussions into that thread and keep this one focussed on the concept itself.

To be honest, I don’t believe the name is vital to the success of this initiative. Much more vital is the willingness of community members to contribute and participates.


first logo have my vote

Yeah, mine too.

how about YiiFolks

@toMeloos, @samdark and all community, I took the liberty to make all proposed Logos available in vector PDF format for download here

  • The PDFs are vectorial and can be edited in Adobe® Illustrator.

  • The font used in the first proposal for Yii 3 Framework Logo is RUBIK from Google.

  • Yii People lettering was vector designed, I can make, later, a font of it, if I have some time to make the other chars, and maybe include special icons and the logos on it too. Tell me what do you think?


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@toMeloos Thank you very much for your work!
I picked the first one, this is no final decision from my side, I just replaced the default logo from GitHub :smile:

About the name, I think a decision is made for YiiPeople, there’s a 3/4 majority for it.

I hope we can move on with creating standards for extensions…


Hi all,

As you might have noticed, unfortunately there has not been a lot of progress on this initiative lately.

Both myself and my partners in crime on this one have been very busy with work. On a personal note, I have almost completely moved away from development, so I will not be a very active Yii contributor for the foreseeable future. I saw this coming when I proposed it, but felt I had to anyway since I believe it’s the best way forward for Yii. My role was always one of initiator, not as the long-term leader of it.

Despite the many positive responses to this initiative, we have not received any actual offers of help from anyone. Perhaps everyone is busy, perhaps everyone is looking at others to do the work and think “they should form a collective so I can benefit”, perhaps some of you were waiting for us to say it’s now time to come on board.

Anyway we hope YiiPeople still becomes a reality. But in order for it to happen Yii needs all of you to get involved. Since we’re currently clearly not in a position to do so it’s time for us to step back and ask for your involvement. So consider this initiative unmaintained (yes I know this is ironic) for the time being. It’s ready to be taken up others and we’re hoping some of you will. So I would like to ask all of you this one simple question:

Who wants to get involved?

As i think the reason is that yii3 not ready yet for extension development. So is too early to talk about some activity. If somebody has free time it should be better to help with yii3 core