Coding Music

I wanted to share a brilliant online station which plays pretty relaxing and cool music suitable for coding and office work: SomaFM - Groove Salad

It’s commercial free. What music do you code on? Do you listen to music when working? :D

Relaxing music is too relaxing for me. Coding listening to Korn, System of a Down etc.

I like listening to minimalistic electronic/electronica music like Kalkbrenner, Apparat, Trentemoller etc. There aren’t any vocals (most of the time) as I am unable to focus when somebody is singing or speaking :)

For coding rushes (dealing with a lot of tedious tasks that require little thought) I’m preferring hardcore (in the style of Madball, Hatebreed, D.B.D. and Biohazard) or speed- and deathmetal. Might shift over to grdincore or goregrind depending on my mood.

During design phases, I’m mostly falling back to either electronic or industrial music (KMFDM, Laibach, Zavod, Feindflug). Relaxed coding sessions are mostly accompanied by punk-rock and ska of various flavours. I found Distemper working quite well in this context.

SomaFM’s Groove Salad is my favourite too!

I recommend The Buzzoutroom (chillout, downtempo, trip hop): , Monkey Radio: (ambient, trip hop, downtempo) and Ibiza Sonica (deep house, chillout etc):

For me it depends on the type of coding…

Lots of stuff that needs to get done in no time? either hardstyle / hardcore (techno) or Deathmetal

Chilled out relaxed Coding? Reggae / folk metal / dancehall



Electronic genres, like house, electro, dnb, hardstyle, dubstep, moombahtoon, is the best for me ;)

I prefer to listen different music while coding. My lastfm profile: :)

Die Antwoord, Skrillex and Rancid? Seriously? :huh:

Why not? Some tracks I really like. Style varies, mixes and twists:

I just find the composition pretty odd. Seeing this in somebody’s playlist is a bit like one would tell me he were in possession of a rare Jewdriver / Коловрат split 7".

I either listen to (Chartradio) or (Electro, Dance, House, Minimal, Hands Up or even Charts - depends on the current time of day).

Though the genre is pretty different I like both of them equal but now that the "Mix Mission 2012" has started on sunshine-live this will be my primary station until next year.

He-he. I’m just scrobbling everything i listen and often i’m tasting different music. Scrobbling doesn’t means that i like Skrillex, Die Antwoord or something else. Personal popular singers list is far more objective. :wink:

Hehe Muzebra is a cool music site. The other Somafm stations are also worth listening at. looks like pretty cool one too.

Cool stations. Thanks.

Classic fm for me

Classic rock. Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix energise my coding. \m/

I recently discovered 90’s big beat (The Prodigy, Fat Boy Slim etc) is working well for me …

He-he, yeah. Prodigy are still very good.