Codeception testing configuration

I am using yii2 and want to implement codeception functional and unit testing. I am having a hard time figuring out how the functional.suite.yml and unit.suite.yml files work. I read this 06-ModulesAndHelpers - Codeception - Documentation and still don’t seem to understand it. Some of my questions are can I have multiple modules enabled? How do I know what the parameters are for these modules? Also, how do I configure the yii2 module.

Functional and Unit tests are two different kinds of tests. If you need both then configure both.
The only difference comes during running the tests where you command one test at a time.

Please read full guide on tests to understand it

Stefano, Thanks for taking the time to reply. I plan on doing both types of testing and read the documentation but don’t fully understand how to configure Yii2, instantiate object and have the data come from fixtures.

Unfortunately I cannot help explain everything, sorry!

But I can help with few resources. Let me know if they are helpful

Video on Testing


You will have to read and use examples explained in Codeception documentation. Start by reading all of the codeception Guide before you jump on Yii2 module