Class diagram of Yii framework

Does anyone have a class diagram of the Yii framework? Or ER or Domain diagram?

Does it help you?


Thanks for that :)

I’m looking for a complete class diagram, though. I spent an age this afternoon looking for suitable tools, but the open source offerings are terrible :(

tools for drawing diagrams?

as for me i’m using Azzuri Clay DB Modeling for my Eclipse IDE. At least to design DB.

Nope, not drawing but generating. Like doxygen does but everything in one page.

If you wanna draw it yourself you maybe should try freemind.

Just Google it ;)

ohh…i see. yep, doxygen can do it.

Job done. Thanks. I hadn’t realised that doxygen produced a “Graphical Class Hierarchy”.

Don’t you mind sharing, please?

How did you managed to get full overview diagram instead of some separate diagrams for different classes?

doxygen creates a big html mess and, if you choose, a big LaTeX mess too. I thought of up’ing the html, but then thought it might be more useful, in general, to produce a pdf from the LaTeX stuff. That’s my plan.

If you go to “Class hierarchy” in the html output, there’s a link to “Go to the graphical class hierarchy”.

doxygen file attached. You need to change the INPUT parameter to point to your Yii framework. It’s html-only, no LaTeX output (or man, XML, etc.)


I’m a big freemind user. Have been for years. It’s a superb tool for requirements gathering, I find. It’s great for regular mind mapping too, of course.

Sorry, wrong file. It was a test file. It’s okay, but misses the non top level folders, I couldn’t use recursive searching. This one is better, but please let me know if you find any problems.

Very useful for overview of the framework. Thanks for the hint and config!


What about hosting the doxygen html documentation publicly for everyone?

I’ve created a diagram that shows the layered architecture of Yii PHP framework and I wanted to share it with anybody who might need it.

Well, here’s the complete documentation of Yii generated from Doxygen:

It has many many useful graphs.

Not Found mate… :)