Class diagram of Yii framework

(Apps) #1

Does anyone have a class diagram of the Yii framework? Or ER or Domain diagram?

(Angellicacardozo A) #2

Does it help you?


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Thanks for that :)

I’m looking for a complete class diagram, though. I spent an age this afternoon looking for suitable tools, but the open source offerings are terrible :(

(Plandem) #4

tools for drawing diagrams?

as for me i’m using Azzuri Clay DB Modeling for my Eclipse IDE. At least to design DB.

(Alexander Makarov) #5

Nope, not drawing but generating. Like doxygen does but everything in one page.

(Zemog86) #6

If you wanna draw it yourself you maybe should try freemind.

Just Google it ;)

(Plandem) #7

ohh…i see. yep, doxygen can do it.

(Apps) #8

Job done. Thanks. I hadn’t realised that doxygen produced a “Graphical Class Hierarchy”.

(Pestaa) #9

Don’t you mind sharing, please?

(Alexander Makarov) #10

How did you managed to get full overview diagram instead of some separate diagrams for different classes?

(Apps) #11

doxygen creates a big html mess and, if you choose, a big LaTeX mess too. I thought of up’ing the html, but then thought it might be more useful, in general, to produce a pdf from the LaTeX stuff. That’s my plan.

(Apps) #12

If you go to “Class hierarchy” in the html output, there’s a link to “Go to the graphical class hierarchy”.

doxygen file attached. You need to change the INPUT parameter to point to your Yii framework. It’s html-only, no LaTeX output (or man, XML, etc.)


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I’m a big freemind user. Have been for years. It’s a superb tool for requirements gathering, I find. It’s great for regular mind mapping too, of course.

(Apps) #14

Sorry, wrong file. It was a test file. It’s okay, but misses the non top level folders, I couldn’t use recursive searching. This one is better, but please let me know if you find any problems.

(Ft07) #15

Very useful for overview of the framework. Thanks for the hint and config!


(Alexander Makarov) #16

(James) #17

What about hosting the doxygen html documentation publicly for everyone?

(Prekgeo) #18

I’ve created a diagram that shows the layered architecture of Yii PHP framework and I wanted to share it with anybody who might need it.

(James) #19

Well, here’s the complete documentation of Yii generated from Doxygen:

It has many many useful graphs.

(Linija) #20

Not Found mate… :)