Can't login to Cookbook [solved]


I just registered here, and I wanted to post a cookbook entry about using Zend_LDAP for ldaps user auth in yii.

But I cannot log into the site. As you can see, the forum works, but whenever I try to login to the main site, like in the cookbook or at extensions, I get a "wrong password" message. I already tried changing my forum password, but still it doesnt work.

Any ideas?



I think you need at least one post in forum. So try again now. :)

Right, it works now. Thanks for the hint.



Hmm, I have posted in the forum previously, but cannot log in to the extensions or cookbook sections. I might have to try again after posting this tho.

Edit: still cannot log in. Very strange.

Which username are you using to login? Did you try "mwotton"?

Ha, that worked, thank you. The problem then is in knowing how to log in - on the forum I can log in with my email address, and I could not see a user name anywhere. All I could see was a display name and an email address.

This email address would not let me log in on the cookbook, but would let me log in on the forum - hence my confusion.

Just quick-replying, as I have the same issue (need 1st post).

BTW, IPBoard has nicely improved, I like the quick-reply, better than it used to be.

Please ignore this. Just posting so i can comment on the documentation.