Can you recommend to do this with yii?

I need to get a responsive web project up and running as quick as possible.

I am a software guy (C++, Java, js, PHP, Ruby, Python) but I have limited web project experience.

My server is a rented, managed linux. Everything except Microsoft stuff should be possible.

I believe a clever selection of the system/framework/components is key to success.

This is what I need to do:

  1. Responsive design is a must.

  2. App wrapper. On Android and Ios there should be the possibility use an app.

  3. User management. Must be scalable to high numbers.

  4. User profiles. Users shall have an area where they are able to present themselves. Authoring system shall be limited yet simple.

  5. Apps shall make available the user’s co-ordinates

  6. User comments/Rating system

  7. Geo-location: User positions shall be displayed on a map. Displaying user details and selecting a user shall be possible as Google Maps does it with points-of-interest

8) Chat. there shall be a whatsApp style Chat

  1. Appointments Calendar. Notifications on cell phone and via email (may be a loose integration)

  2. Payment. Integration (may be a loose one) of a payment system (PayPal, Amazon?). Payment status needs to be immediately displayed in chat and/or in Calendar.

I’m looking forward to hear your recommendations

  • Christoph

Use Yii, you can do this with Yii framework.

I have already done similar project with Yii.

Yii2 all the way :D