Bug Report Management

I have a project manager above me that contacts me a bit too often about bugs, problems and questions about a project we are working on. I’m the developer, he is both the project manager and heavily involved in testing and customer contact.

The problem is that we don’t have good routines for reporting bugs and managing work tasks (what bugs to prioritize, what modules to finish, what has to be fixed for a certain date etc.). I don’t want to be disturbed about every bug found, I want to see a bug report and dig into it when I have time and when that bug has priority.

I think we need an internal tool so that the manager can insert tasks and give them priority, so that I all the time know what to spend time doing.

I hope someone has some good tools or directions to point us in.

There are a lot of these things, including Trac, Mantis, Jira, Redmine and so on.

Google for ‘issue tracker’ and choose your favourite.

PS. my personal fav is basecamp, which is not a bugtracker (technically), but is totally awesome.