Bootstrapped Yii blog demo with facebook and persona login

Credits to mauriciorivera for

Which is where I started.


*Yii blog demo (with all crud operations thrue ajax)

*Simple User management (private messaging,registration,secure password cryptation,[color="#FF0000"]facebook login,browserid (aka Mozilla Persona) login,[/color]own profile,file library

All bootstrapped.

I would love to add twitter and openid logins if anyone have a working solution I could look at. Haven’t managed to get it to work so far:/

[color="#FF0000"]Please note[/color],you have to configure facebook in main config and also in main layout, the javascripts and logout link to match your domain (that you have registred on facebook ).

Added extentions:


*eltre (great text editor with elfinder for file management and profile description)


Credits to creators.


[color="#0000FF"]From github[/color]


Edit* Forgot sql dump


can you check ?


Works for me but here,I attach a file to.


Thanks work now

it always gives me

The table "{{site_structure}}" for active record class "Cms" cannot be found in the database.

any ideas?

Oh god, that was a mega fail by me, I tried a cms yesterday,forgot to remove it when I put the project on github, corrected now,remove all files and get it from github again.

Updated post crud actions to

So now you can create/view/update/delete/list all posts in only one page.

Great work buddy, will check it out once I have some free time.

That is great…

But now it gives me Undefined variable: facebookid…in layout/main.php…

that is however very weird.

Are you logged into facebook when u get the error? which row?

no. I get this error after I filled in my Facebook app id and secret key.

hmm, row 47+48:

if ( Yii::app()->facebook->getUser() == 0){



change into

$facebookid = true;

if ( Yii::app()->facebook->getUser() == 0){



More improvements done, I had missed some stuff.

Thank you so much.

Would you please help me with your rating post ?

Thanks you sooooooooooooo much!!!

Your post is always amazing!

I have 2 questions in your post…

1: about my codes… it’s not working…almost same as yours …always give me some strange errors.

2.About your comment "Note: this is not optimized for performance." why…?

Thanks so much!

Which file …?


"But now it gives me Undefined variable: facebookid…in layout/main.php… "

Your quote, so its in that file.

Thanks…That fixed my problem.

.would you please also look at the post about your rating tutorial…?

I know you are really busy…

I really appreciate it if you can help me out.

Hi Sampa

i get a 500 internal server exception when i try to run this code …

can u help me out why??

A newbie… Rathan Kalluri

Thanks for the blog example, it really help me to learn more about yii(especially the ajax crud and xupload). I have installed it, but i have some issues. Some of the features don’t work. Here are some of my problems,


[*]I try to access actions create from PostController, but it brings me into error page that said The system is unable to find the requested action “create”. I look into PostController, and found actionAjax_Create action instead. Does this action has something to do with ajax crud ? But what the problem so that my installation doesn’t work?

[*]I also try to access FileController, but it doesn’t have index view. Is there some things wrong with my installation ?


I’ll really appreciate your help, and thanks Sampa for the yii blog example

The ajax crud means ajax create read update delete, means they are all on the same page.

you reach it by going to /post/admin

FileController is not suppossed to have a index view:) or, rather, I haven’t made one.

Since I only use that controller for file uploads, and in my own projects functions related to file handling :)