Blank Page On Freebsd With Nginx + Php-Fpm


I’m new to Yii, and I am developing my first app with it.

I have been developing it on my laptop running Win 7 + XAMPP and it works perfectly.

But when I tried to move it to my dedicated server running FreeBSD with nginx + php-fpm it just shows a blank page.

There are no php errors, so I don’t know what is causing it.

The remote host has everything to run the app, since it has more php-extensions than it needs (it works with less on my laptop).

And yes, I’ve uploaded both folders (Yii Core + My App) to the remote host.

Remote files:


/usr/local/www/<project>/public_html/<my app here>

Edit: I also tested it on a shared host running apache+php and it also works :expressionless:

Does anyone know what is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

First, check the file permissions on the assets and protected/runtime directories.

If there is a blank page there should be a PHP fatal error logged in your http server’s error log file.

Hey! Thanks for your answer. But it didn’t work.

The page doesn’t load at all, it just gives me a blank page without any error.

I also checked the logs. :s

The last time it happened to me was when I had a file not found error supressed by a @ operator. If you are 100% sure error logging is enabled your last resort is to debug step by step.