error_reporting should be added in the first line of index.php

What are the default passwords when you install with test data?


Manager / manager@flexicacms.com

User / user@flexicacms.com

I dont have a local smtp / pop server running so the verification email for the admin user will never come.

Looks like the best Yii CMS yet, good work.

Edit: Oops, missed the random generated admin password on the install page.

Totally agree. I am new with Yii. I read that I could use FlexicaCMS to learn with Yii documentation. After downloading it, I just realize that some code are encrypted.

It is a very promising CMS. I hope one day it will be fully open.

This is my index.php file



//Uncomment this line to set the site to offline mode


// If no environment info or no system settings, go install

if (file_exists(dirname(FILE).’/protected/config/environment.php’) === false

|| file_exists(dirname(__FILE__).'/protected/runtime/cached/Settings.php') === false) {



// change the following paths if necessary



// Set YII_DEBUG to FALSE in production environment

defined(‘YII_DEBUG’) or define(‘YII_DEBUG’,true);

// Avoid redeclaration of Yii in case yiic is running




but i continue to have same error

[indent]PHP Error


Function ereg_replace() is deprecated

Source File

C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\flexica_cms\protected\cms\Url.php(1) : eval()'d code(1)

No source code available.

Stack Trace

#0 unknown(0): CWebApplication->handleError()

#1 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\flexica_cms\protected\cms\Url.php(1) : eval()'d code(1): ereg_replace()

#2 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\flexica_cms\protected\cms\Url.php(1): eval()

#3 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\yii\framework\YiiBase.php(257): require()

#4 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\yii\framework\YiiBase.php(184): import()

#5 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\yii\framework\base\CModule.php(362): createComponent()

#6 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\yii\framework\base\CApplication.php(455): CWebApplication->getComponent()

#7 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\yii\framework\web\CWebApplication.php(119): CWebApplication->getUrlManager()

#8 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\yii\framework\base\CApplication.php(135): CWebApplication->processRequest()

#9 C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\xampp\htdocs\flexica_cms\index.php(24): CWebApplication->run()

2010-06-18 12:38:39 Apache/2.2.14 (Win32) DAV/2 mod_ssl/2.2.14 OpenSSL/0.9.8l mod_autoindex_color PHP/5.3.1 mod_apreq2-20090110/2.7.1 mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.1 Yii Framework/1.1.2[/indent]

We are going to be completely open source on next release, v0.3. We hope to release v0.3 this week if we add some ticket/comment system into flexicacms.com to start receiving your comments.

This error is from PHP 5.3, the developer may be using PHP 5.2 which does not give this message.

The ereg* functions should be replaced the the preg* ones on 5.3.

This looks like a nice CMS - but, if you’re not certain about releasing the source code, using the term “open source” is rather misleading.

You should sort out the licensing issues - there are people out there who know how to exploit software released under no clear licensing terms. You can change your mind later and release future versions of the CMS under different terms, but for your own sake, you should cover your backs and adopt an official license - whether it’s an open source license or not.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

I can verify that the encrypted files using ereg_replace do not work with Php 5.3.2 because this function is deprecated.

Similar error to the one posted above…

PHP Error


Function ereg_replace() is deprecated

Source File

/Applications/MAMP/htdocs/flexicms/protected/cms/Url.php(1) : eval()'d code(1)

No source code available.

Stack Trace

#0 unknown(0): CWebApplication->handleError()

#1 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/flexicms/protected/cms/Url.php(1) : eval()'d code(1): ereg_replace()

#2 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/flexicms/protected/cms/Url.php(1): eval()

#3 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/yii/framework/YiiBase.php(257): require()

#4 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/yii/framework/YiiBase.php(184): import()

#5 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/yii/framework/base/CModule.php(362): createComponent()

#6 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/yii/framework/base/CApplication.php(455): CWebApplication->getComponent()

#7 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/yii/framework/web/CWebApplication.php(119): CWebApplication->getUrlManager()

#8 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/yii/framework/base/CApplication.php(135): CWebApplication->processRequest()

#9 /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/flexicms/index.php(23): CWebApplication->run()

I am eagerly awaiting the next release so I can try it out. Sounds quite promising!

I switched MAMP over to Php 5.2.13 and it works fine…so definitely an issue with this function and 5.3+.

Thank all, I have started a new thread as version 0.3 released.


Problem with PHP 5.3 should be resolved, installation wizard works smoother. We added multi-lingual content and RBAC with dynamic user roles.

Also, no more encrypted file and the community version is available in zip format for download with GNU GPL license :) .

I was very happy to see you’re now releasing this project under a real open-source license.

But under the GPL license, if I make modifications to the CMS itself, I have to release the changed source code under GPL as well. GPL is dodgy in this area, but technically, you could even demand that any website built using this CMS has to be released with full source code under GPL to the public.

I don’t think that’s what you want, but under GPL, you can legally demand of anyone building a solution with this CMS, that they release the source code under GPL - that’s why it’s commonly referred to as a “share-alike” license.

Under GPL, I can only evaluate this CMS - I can’t start building solutions for clients, since I would risk putting them (or me, or my employer) in legal trouble. I don’t think GPL is a suitable license for “library” type products, unless you’re going to dual-license this product, with an alternative paid license, under different terms.

If that’s not what you plan to do, perhaps you should consider relicensing under LGPL, which permits people to build closed-source solutions with your library, without these restrictions.

The bottom line is that no one is going to build commercial websites under a share-alike license - with the possible exception of sites like Wikipedia :wink:

GPL :) commercial license is available according to this http://www.flexicacms.com/license.html

Many thanks mindplay. FlexicaCMS is dual license so if you want to use it in commercial product then you can purchase commercial license. This will be ready when flexicacms is stable.

@Viper115: thank for pointing out the link. Let me clarify your post as i think it might make people confused about a "GPL commerical license". There is a GPL license and there is a commercial license which you can release your work with your own terms.

Good work! I want to make something similar with Yii.

Thank you for making this CMS. When I was looking through the Yii forum today I thought : "Yet another Yii CMS", but this one looks really impressive, from what I could see in the demo.

The problem is that everyone wants to make their ‘own’ CMS. There are so many systems out there you don’t know which is the best. Sure it’s ok to learn from it, but maintaining your own CMS is hard (been there, done that). This CMS has some potential.

This is what happens when there are no CMSs that satisfy you, well… I’d want my own CMS too :D

I agree, i still want to do many things for flexicaCMS. When ‘wants’ come to ‘needs’ there will be a more practical decision.

We are going to release v0.4 early next month

True it’s amazing how bad most CMS are… after many years and still nobody that nailed it. Concrete5 comes close, but is lacking in modules. Joomla / Drupal / Wordpress are “ok” but are either to complicated or too simple :)

Concrete5 is extremely nice in terms of concept and UI - but lacks any sort of object/relational mapper.

It’s lacking in modules because it lacks extensibility points - and I believe Flexica will suffer from the same thing. Being able to plug in new, self-contained extensions does not address cross-cutting concerns - two important extensibility points are missing:

  1. Some kind of global event pipeline to enable cross-cutting functionality.

  2. Some kind of document object model to enable cross-cutting content generation.

These two extensibility points are the reason why outdated content management systems like Drupal still prevails - and Wordpress, even though it provides only the global event pipeline and no real document object model.

With something much more slick and userfriendly like Flexica or Concrete5, you would expect more developers to be interested - but the fact of the matter is, they just don’t provide the same degree of modular extensibility.

I don’t imagine any of these features are planned for Flexica? Or if they are, I would say, you’re starting at the wrong end - you need to start with an extensible architecture, and then build the standard features on top of that architecture, so that even the core features become fully exposed and fully extensible.

If you’re interested, I would love to discuss this more. In fact, I think I have a Yii prototype of a global event pipeline and a simple document object model on one of my workstations somewhere…

Would you mind sharing? waprave@gmail.com