We are happy to introduce our FlexicaCMS. Version 0.2.30 is released today and available for download via SVN. Some of the nice features the CMS has:

  • Edit and format content on the fly

  • Extremely powerful site, module and widget parameter system

  • Friendly Url

  • Yii’s RBAC permission system

  • Open API

  • Released with News, Gallery, Support (contact form, FAQs), Messaging modules

The demo of this version is a standard corporate website with news, portfolio, service and RSS. As we have no time to setup a cronjob to reset demo database for now, administrator panel is not accessible. Though you can view screenshots here.

Hope everybody will enjoy :rolleyes:



Very nice design!!!

I want to see the administrator panel!


Wow guys, this looks awesome!

Any plans on other languages?


found it, thanks … http://www.flexicacms.com/blog/progress-update/multi-language-and-plugin-support.html

I was browsing the website and I thought the layout looked funny. Now I realized why: I have a huge monitor. The header doesn’t look good on really wide monitors like mine, because the header background unfortunately only has finite width. Furthermore, where the background of the header cuts off, the rest is just “white”. Change that “white” to #64A41C (a green color) and it should look much better

Looks like a promising start for a CMS. I however am unable to install it on my server. I downloaded it using svn and got the install script running but it fails on the last step. First error was that is was looking for the directory ‘Utilities’ but the actual name of the directory is ‘utilities’. A simple rename fixed that, but now I get this SQL error:

CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘moedesig_flexica.AuthAssignment’ doesn’t exist

The table that was created by the installer is ‘authassignment’. Seems like there are a few errors with case-sensitive filenames and db tables.

I would like to get this working as I would like to contribute to the project and also learn from the code. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


I got it working by manually renaming all the Auth* database tables:

rename table authassignment to AuthAssignment;

rename table authitemchild to AuthItemChild;

rename table authitem to AuthItem;

The only problem is now the CMS is looking for files in ‘utilities’ and not ‘Utilities’. So if you renamed the directory to get the install working like I did, make sure you rename it back.

My guess is that the developers don’t actually use their install so they may not have come across these errors.

After playing around with this for a bit I must say that is a bit confusing to work around and definitely needs quite a bit of work before even considering it in a production environment. I am eager to see where this project leads because I see a lot of possibilities. I hope others will help contribute to the project.

Wow, thank for your attentions. Our plan before production is to finish content in multi-language and module install/uninstall.

@jonah: you must be on a 19" or 21" screen. A screenshot would really help - thank in advanced

@blindMoe: thank for give the CMS a try and point out bugs. Hope you keep looking at FlexicaCMS and give more ideas/supports.

Sorry for the inconvenience but right now you can look at the screenshotor grab it from our SVNand explore all FlexicaCMS features on local.

My screen res is:


About 24 inches

I wait the french translation before use it !

Hi guys,

where i can download Flexica cms?

I want try it…

It’s available in the public workspace. You can checkout from the SVN

Nice, but I don’t like the fact that some files are encrypted.



line 00161


"localhost" is hardcoded, it should use the provided server address

another Install bug

it searches for "Utilities/Utility.php" but the folder name is "utilities" (case sensitiveness issue).

There are a lot of issues with controllers, dirs etc. names because of different casing.




I noticed that as well and ask hereby why you choosed to do so?

We do provide source code of these encrypted files for serious interested people who wanna help/contribute to FlexicaCMS.

thank for pointing it out, ekerazha. It’s been fixed.

By the way, to avoid the thread to be full of bug reporting (;D I’m afraid so) we have public workspace that you can post tickets and messages http://flexica-cms.assembla.com/spaces/flexica-cms/tickets

So is it nearly open source? You should be clearer about licensing.