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Hi everyone,

I’m close to getting my yii project live and will be using a third-party to host my database and application. From you experience can you recommend a good web hosting company. I’m considering the following features:

  • Cost

  • Scalable

  • Backups

  • Mysql and Yii compatible

  • Speed

  • Security

  • Uptime

  • Support


I would recommend not to deal with hosting companies. There is no best among them. Instead try the free amazon tier. You get a free (but limited) cloud account. It should be more then enough to start with and then expand as per your needs. It is free for the first year. Good luck

Thanks Bettor. That’s a good suggestion. I was hesitant to consider Amazon as I heard it can be very complicated to use given the breadth of their web services but maybe I’ll give another look given its reputation and cost.

It only seems complex but is not. Give it a try it’s free anyway you get nothing to lose and if you don’t like it you can always opt out and start looking for a hosting company to invest your nerves :P

7 yeas with Hostgator, great service and support.

I know quite a few people using hostgator. the stats are that half of them are very happy and the other half hated it and moved out in the second month of service. To me that speaks that it really is up to how lucky you are to be hosted on a stable hardware. Given the stats 50/50 is not good for me as I don’t want to gamble with my website. Also I like it very much when people say … this company’s support is really good. That usually means that support is involved too often which already speaks about the service. If you hear someone say I am hosting with company A and don’t know anything about their support is usually a good sign to me. But that’s just my opinion.

Everything has worked great for me with Mediatemple

Dreamhost has been a dream for me. :)

Great value for money.

On shared hosting you have shell access, unlimited subdomains (great for developers! - I have 11 subdomains currently!), and email for each subdomain.

You have php 5.3 and RoR/Python through Passenger.

Really perfect for development.

If you want to sign up, you can use this link.

It really depends on what your needs are.

I like, the “scalable php saas cloud stack”. B)

For small or private projects or during development:

Because…they are cheap(from 1€/month for 10gb space,(0.50 €/month for .de/.com/.net domain) nearly full ssh access, preinstalled git, mercurial, bazar, svn, https support without configuration, node.js, etc… built in support for most web languages except java and .NET, and no need to share personal data) and I also had positive communication with the support.

But again, only for small and private projects as they only offer hosting on shared servers(atleast at uberspace, the people behind this are also offering high traffic solutions).

Using a some other providers for bigger projects, but that is usually not mine to decide ;)

just bought a dedi from servers4you (not even sure if it spelt correctly) I will give more feedback in a month when I set it up and give it a real test. Their support called me today to inform me that they are deploying my server (whatever that means). So far paid and no server for about a day but their contract says up to 48 hours so lets see :)

I always recommend Clook when anyone asks me. I have a shared hosting account with them and the company I work for has a VPS from them. Their service is reliable and support requests are answered very quickly. I can only speak for the UK hosting though.

Without knowing what you expect to do in terms of traffic it’s hard to suggest a hosting company. I have had companies do quite well on Heart Internet shared hosting - if that fits your needs. Compared to the competition on that level they are absolutely fantastic.

But if you are expecting something bigger, without a doubt it has to be Rackspace. It’s relatively inexpensive and with a cloud server you can scale according to your needs. The service is excellent, very little downtime and just outstanding customer service. Just check out there website, take a look at who’s using rackspace and you should get an idea of why they are worth using.

I haven’t tried it yet but they are also now offering cloud database instances which could also help to improve the scalability of your app as your server (i.e. “the code”) and the database can have different demands.

I will say if you choose this option you should be comfortable working with the command line though. But that’s the best way.

I use about 2 years Site5

  • PHP always updated

  • RubyOnRails(not from cpanel, you can install any versions on your account)

  • Python(django, web2py)

  • SSH access

  • Amazing Support

I know this post is a little old but It’s the same topic. I need a host too, but my situation is a little complicated. I’m using MSSQL (existing DB) so I need to install drivers on the server and edit the php.ini file. Traffic is not important now as I can always expand.

What hosts gives you the most freedom, install what you want and access to all files?


Any free hosting sites ??

You can check byethost, 0fees, Free Hosting No Ads, and many more.

HostGator is still the best hosting company as of now because it is too secure, too reliable and it has lots of features.

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hi, I just read this topic. My situation is, I am new to PHP and Linux. I tried Amazon AWS first. I spent some time about FTP. Another some time about PhyMyAdmin. Then I got stocked about mail sending. Every time I tried send a mail from gmail, gmail told me someone tried to change my password (which means me)??!!

Therefore, one issue occurred to me. I still have to register a domain somewhere, and Amazon does not have the service. If I have my own domain and my mail server, I won’t have the problem blocked by gmail. Therefore, will it could be a better choice for me to use some service like:, domain, 3.phy and mysql(that is all I need), 4.large space, 5.good server performance (though shared). Will there be any problem or anything missing (if I use YII)? It is really very hard for me to stay in Amazon AWS (too much time in Linux), and I do need a domain. Any service provider has everything?