Best USA-based server for Yii

Hello everyone,

I am decided to buy a new hosting that located on USA and support Yii flawlessly. Does anybody have recommendation? I would very appreciate it…

One of the best is Rackspace. Not the cheapest one but fast and support is great.

I’ve been using Linode. It’s working out great for me and they have an excellent library of useful tutorials.

Thanks for the replies…

I just wonder, does Rackspace have share-hosting service? Because from the website I see it has dedicated server only…

I’ve been using shared services for years, but do not have any experience with them when it comes to high performance, high availability applications. Yii has been running great for me so far though, and their prices/support are great.


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I use serverpoint for all my colocation servers, they are not expensive, and seems to really know what they are doing.