Best Project Management Stuck

Hello all,

I’d like to discuss what you guys use to manage projects, what do you love/hate about each tool etc.

We’ve wrote a blog post about our preferences recently. Can be found here -

Would be cool to hear your take on things.


Mike & Weavora Team

Currently using github, trello (before tried basecamp, assembla and some more), Skype, IRC, Dropbox, Mockingbird (same as balsamiq).

Cool, quite similar stack. Why you guys use IRC?

I was recently searching for free mocking tools and stumbled over Maqetta. It is open source and runs as a html5 app, so you can either run it locally or deploy it on a server. But it is more like a WYSIWYG editor than a simple wire-framing tool (although they include a sketching style). Not yet sure if this is good or bad, but the whole app looks promising.

Anyone ever tried it (and probably already has more insight than me)?

// EDIT:

Another free one (but hosted): Lumzy

Another awesome tool for mockups is -