best IDE on Kubuntu with Debugging

hi for all

I am newbie on PHP and Yii especially.

I want to start them in Kubuntu Platform. now, is there anybody works them on Kubuntu??? which IDE (e.g. Kdevelop, geany or etc) with debugging capabilities????

thank you


according to blow link:

it is not free

  1. It worth paying for.

  2. If you can’t afford stable version, there are EAPs. You’re getting bleeding edge features for free but there’s a change for bugs and it works a tiny bit slower since it’s collecting and sending debug info to JetBrains (I’m using these because of features). You’re asked to report bugs and voice your wishes in their issue tracker which I found both interesting and rewarding (all my wises were implemented so I’m quite happy with IDE).

excuse me.

as you know, i installed php5 from repository center. now which phpstrom is compatible with php5.

i.e. phpstrom 2016 supports php 5 or it has been made for php7??

Current PHPStorm supports both. You can choose it per project.

Thanks Samdark