Best designed database forum

I was windering which forum had the best designed database?

Opensouce is preferred :)

Perhaps you could be interested in FluxBB or PunBB forum. It supports mySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases. It’s pretty lean, not overbloated and database structure is also pretty clear and straightforward.

A good example fluxBB forum is here:

if you don’t like it, you can look here for alternatives:

I do like flux and myBB,

I plan on building a YIi based forum. In order to cut down on work and to take advantage of what has already been done, tested and mature I plan use an established db.

Plus, i could offer my code back to the community whise db I used.

OK, testing out mysql workbench and played around with the flux database schema. I moved the varhcar columns to separate tables.

does this err look right?

What kind of data is stored in forum_data and category_data? What is the big difference between them, that you don’t have just one forum-table with a writable property and a parent-id?

And I don’t think an “ideal design” can be chosen overall, because it depends also on how to forum is used.

I debated on starting a new thread so I’m no longer aiming for an ideal schema.

All the tables that end in _data are for separating integer and text values. Also I am planning on a multilingual form so the idea is to plan ahead.

Originally FluxxBB didn’t separate those tables.

I’m planning on going open source with this and try to get fluxbb to also help or take over what I start.

Why? :huh:

Btw: I’m working on a yii-based forum as well.

I’m not a guru but it’s part of normalization. The above is almost 2n safe, I’m still looking at how to finalize at 3n.

I’m not out to create the killer forum but just something for somebody with some real forum skillz can work off of.

I’m actually in touch with a dev at flux and trying to convince him to convert to yii. But they seem to be short of man hours as is so moving to yii might be too much for them.

Fluxbb has worked for me for a while, in matters of structure is actually quite flexiblen and easy to handle when you want to implement something … :lol:

Was actually talking about the db schema. :)

FluxBB is pretty good and they have a 2.0 on the works but the current punBB line is actually MySQL mixed in the php files. A few years back, great but I’m on a mvc/OO/framework kick :)

Plus I’d like to see a Yii based forum!

Another yii’er and I are working on the schema at the moment. Progress is slow but we do want to see this happen! :)

Personally, I want to get something up on github before myBB does ;)