batch insert

Hi, I want to insert multiple rows into a table at one using batch insert, I have a table "tbl_student" has three columns , "id", "name","email", i have an array that holds all the data, [ [bob,], [mary,], [jack,],], now how to do it?

I have search the docs, it says

Yii::$app->db->createCommand()->batchInsert(Post::tableName(), $postModel->attributes(), $rows)->execute(); don’t know how to do it?

also below, but the data is hard-coded, how to pass the array to it to excute?

$connection ->createCommand()

		->batchInsert('tbl_user', ['name', 'status'], 


			['Bala', 1],

			['Akilan', 0],

			['Babu', 1],



thank you very much