Atom editor and class autocomplete


I’m trying to use Atom as my main Yii2 editor for development. It’s very nice and fast, snippets are a very cool feature, but what I’m missing more is class autocomplete.

In Netbeans when I declare a variable and create a new model I can autocomplete the new variabile with model’s attributes. In Atom I still haven’t been able to do so. I installed all extensions I found on this matter but unsuccessfully.

The packages I installed so far:

  • atom-autocomplete-php

  • atom-yii2

  • php-integrator-autocomplete-plus

other than the core packages.

Am I missing something or that’s something Atom doesn’t do? thanks

I found a discussion on the Atom forum, seems not implemented (yet)

What about Notepad++? Or you can’t use it on Mac?