Are old topics removed?

I had once written this topic:

I kept a reference of its link so I can remember it. Thankfully I had the text saved as well.

If you try to go to this link now, we’ll see an error like this: “#10343] We could not determine which topic you were attempting to view.”

What happened to my topic? It was a topic related with software engineering in general while I was trying to solve one of the problems of statelessness of php. I cannot find any reason for being reported for example.

If any of the administrators see this, please get back to me, either here or in private message.

Thank you (:

I managed to find this:


But the original I couldn’t find.

There is only one hit for ‘Dynamic redirection’ - so I guess it was removed.

There is no automatic removal of older topics… but when the site was moved to the new server Qiang did clean the forum database by removing old threads with only one post as those where mostly questions with no answers… I guess that is the reason why your topic got deleted…

If you want to preserve some good info then it’s better to write a wiki article as those are preserved.

Its good to maintain and keep the forum clean. I think Topics from 2009 should be removed. :)

I got it. Thanks!

As Mark said topics from 2009 should be … archived (not removed)