Amd Fx 8530 Cpu Web Server

I want to configure a web server for my start up project which created with yii.

The project is same as ebay.

I think to use

AMD FX 8350

16 GB DDR3 ram

2x1TB SATA3 HDD with Raid

Mainboard (i didnt decide it. Pls recommend it)

I think to create 5 virtual server on ubuntu 12.04 for only a site hosted

  • Web Server

  • DB Server

  • Mail Server

  • File Server

  • Memcached Server

so i dont know the performance with using FX 8350 CPU. does it bad choose? do you recommend an other cpu or hardwares?

How many unique visitors it can serv?

Thank you.

AMD FX 8350 seems to be pretty good 8 core CPU. Amount of visitors you can serve depends very much on your code and software configs.

Also I don’t think it’s a good idea overall to run a website on desktop hardware. Have you considered hosted solution instead?

Thank you samdark,

i searched dedicated server, But its so expensive in Turkey. I searched 1U rack servers to buy.

its used server for 4 years. Its cost same as which i want to configure amd fx server.

what do you think about that?

should i buy a new amd fx server or used intel xeon server?

What do you want to run on it?

I want to run only a site which created with Yii.

The site looks like ebay website.

used car, homes, electronics… I need 50K-100K unique visitor.

But its start up project. so it will take long time to get visitors…

Well, you can start with something much cheaper like and move to better hardware when it’s actually needed.