Advantages and Disadvantages of Framework Programming

Here is my article written like a two weeks ago on advantages and disadvantages of framework programming.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Framework Programming.pdf

It covers whole area of theoretical blah blah blah along with some references to Yii and other frameworks.

Before reading, please consider these:

[list=1][]I’m not a native English, there may be and probably are many spelling mistakes. Please, forgive me.[]I have access only to a raw version, before formatting and language correction.[]I wasn’t able to include a few Qiang’s corrections and advices.[]This article shows my personal point of view and therefore many may not agree with arguments risen in it.[/list]

And beside of this, have a great lecture, if you only suffer to the very end, as article has 15 pages (A4 format)! :)

Nice… Interesting read…

If you want… you can post here… the corrections and suggestions…

Nice read, Trejder! :)

Thanks everyone for a warm welcome of this text. Since I had only around 20 hours for both preparation and writing, I was worried that produce hard to digest piece of text! :]

As for now I can only paste copy of Qiang’s e-mail sent to me after reading:

That’s really impressive! 20 hours?

Are you bullshitting me? :D

You have talent.

[size="1"](And lots of hi-octane coffee?)[/size]

Actually, it was even less! :] I started that day about 9:00 am with travelling to different city to my boss, to get guides about what this article should look like. Then I have to come back. Including traffic jams etc. I started working around 1:00 pm and ended it around 1:00 am next day. Therefore actual writing was around 12 hours! :} I had no time or even chance prepare myself, because I got information that this article must be written a day before, in the evening with no ready specification for it’s length, topic or other guidelines. An the funniest part was that not earlier than like hour or two I started writing, I got info that this article must be English. All the time before I was assuming that it should be written in my native Polish! :]

No, coffee wasn’t required at all. If you have to do in the same time three things - research, write and send parts to my wife, for checking English, you don’t need it. It’s like your whole blood system would be filled with caffeine! :]

All right, I put that file (PDF version) to Rapidshare. You can get it, by pasting this link into your webbrowser:

or by directly clicking this link. This file is stored on a premium account - it should never be deleted.