Access rules problem in controller

Houston, i’ve problem! Maybe someone’d solved this…

Using access rules i’ve found that metasymbols (*@?) don’t working

public function accessRules() {

    return array(






if i using names of groups/users and actions it works fine



But using metasymbols fails

What’s the reason?

i couldn’t find any mention about meta (*@?) in CAccessRulesFilter class.

It’s ‘preFilter’ method use CAccessRule->isUserAllowed

And is-matched methods don’t use meta at all

There are only arrays empty-checking (users/roles/actions…)

If appropriate array is empty it means all (like *)

protected function isActionMatched($action)


   return empty($this->actions) || in_array(strtolower($action->getId()),$this->actions);


so i can define rules shortly:

public function accessRules() {

    return array(






It means that admins can do anything

And other users can perform only ‘view’ action