Acceptance vs Functional tests Codeception

I created some additional values in my application that are used globally

When I create a test code in acceptance testing, then the code runs fine.

When I copy this test code to a functional test, then the code breaks because it could not find the app values that I created.

Probably because the default yii app object is used.

However in my bootstrap of my functional test the custom app is loaded (and when I change that to a non existing file the test breaks on that… which is good).

Any ideas what I am missing ?

In my functional bootstrap:

new common\components\Application(require(dirname(dirname(__DIR__)) . '/config/frontend/functional.php'));

When I run the test it has an error

 Getting unknown property: yii\web\Application::nowSQL

This nowSQL is defined in my common\components\Application , but somehow the test uses yii\web\Application

Any suggestions ?