Acceptance Test browser entry script

The entry script for acceptance test is index-test.php, which is what I expect. When the browser opens to run the test however the non-test entry script index.php is used. Therefore any fixture preparation is in the wrong database according to the configuration.

Is there an easy way to make the acceptance test use the test entry script when it opens the browser window?

I am back on this issue … 8 months later.

I let it slide before, I was too busy. I am coming back to this test and I see the same issue. It seems like anytime yii\web\Controller redirect function is called, index.php (instead of index-test.php) is called, thus mucking up my expected configuration. Is this supposed to happen?

index.php is the entry script and do not relay on Controller.

in case you use url rewrite (pretty url) using index.php or index-test.php is matter of your http server configuration

if you do not use url rewrite then just point the browser to http://mysite.localhost/index-test.php

I was unclear in my last post, I apologize, what I meant to say was index-test.php is used until yii\web\Controller redirect function is called. For example in my particular case, after the acceptance test logs a user in, the user should be redirected to the dashboard page: return $this->redirect(['dashboard/index']); index-test.php is used up until this point but when the execution reaches this redirect, index.php is used for some reason. Do you have any insight as to why this happens?