About Kindergarden and other issues

Since day one I was very impressed with the support people kindly offered on this network. I tried hard to give away what it was given to me; I like so much this framework that I wanted to push it forward as much as I could. Helping others was also allowing me to better understand the library, so it was a win to win situation.

I developed extensions, wrote wiki, replied emails even when I was working, I forwarded code to people, double-checked their applications in my free-time in order to find them a solution, I even fixed their bugs and provide them with my very own libraries, my blog is nearly a Yii blog nowadays, my twitter account too… All of that was giving me lot of pleasure and reward. Nevertheless, I felt that something was wrong last days and realized what it was, and seriously guys, I am too old for that game.

This is the reason why I am leaving the forum. I rather keep working on extensions, or wiki on my free time and share them to people. I will just support the posts related to the extensions; for the rest I am gone. I truly do not understand the reason behind what people do behave one way or another but anyhow, I do not care at all.

Very impressed with Mike, Jackmoe, andy_s, tri, Y!!, and Mdomba; you guys rock, great support better answers. I keep my hands out of the ‘game’, don’t want to be a threat to anyone who thinks is a Ferrari and this is Montecarlo. My work and help for the framework will be out of this forum not on the other sections of the site, not on my site.


Antonio Ramirez

First of all, thanks for your effort. You’ve already helped Yii a lot.

Noone forces you to answer all the questions raised on the forums (at least I hope so ;) ), especially when you don’t have a proper mood to do so. btw., team members aren’t forced to do so either. I just hope you’ll keep posting things you really want to post.

I’m really sorry to read that… you where very active on the forum… helping many users…

You’re a good guy Antonio, thanks for your effort - you helped a lot of people.

i am usually the quiet reader, but now i have to say thx for all

your effort and great support !

sad that there is abusive behaviour involved, tho i cant recall noticing it in any thread. but this said, there are hundreds of ppl appreciating your expertise, silently following your posts and appreciating your work.

keep up your yii spirit :D


There’s not so much visible activity from my end here since I’m very new to Yii, however I know very well Antonio and he’s one of the little countable people for whom I’d put my hands on fire.

He is simply AMAZING, doing a lot of work behing the scenes, creating libs, extensions, and so on, his mind goes faster than his fingers, trust me.

As "samdark" said, noone is obligued to help, but that "helping" feeling goes though the veins and he really feel itself the need to help.

And there’s where abusers comes into play.

I suffered the same in another arena, but anyway, the same.

I’d say that we’ll take advantage better of his work outside the forum, which consumes a lot of time.

Let him be free and work as he likes, and we’ll see many great work (published somewhere else).

Tony, un brindis por tí! :)

Antonio, your post makes me a little sad. You’re a very valuable member and open source communities need people like you.

Yes, it takes some a lot of altruism (and maybe even some self-flagelation) to do this job, but it’s also fun to learn from others problem and hear a “thank you” from time to time. Not to forget the feeling, that you’re a part of a community. Sometimes i’m suprised about myself, too, how a forum post can bring me up - but it’s also a chance to learn about yourself. Over time i’ve developed some “ignore glasses” which i put on, if something feels too uncomfortable. ;)

So even though i understand your decision, i’d love to hear that you reconsider it - or maybe at least don’t make that final cut and only decrease your activity.



Sorry to hear that.

(I could cut/past previous post from Mike, as it says everything I think and am not able to write with my bad english skills)


Big lost.

You are a GREAT member in this community… I’ve learned a lot from your posts. THANK YOU!!!

I agree whit all the things that Mike said, and I must add that nobody will take your place…

I hope you will be back… as "terminator" says… hehehe…

Again, thank you so much!!!

Echoing the other posters, thanks much for your contributions, the community will have a lot of work ahead filling your place.

A good friend of mine on this network told me about the malicious action of some spammers. I realized I was wrong, apologies and thank you all for your comments. I was actually missing the forum.

You should not leave the community. Good and Bad is always there. So, don’t try to run away. Bear them, face them. Don’t lose heart. You know that what you are doing and for what you are doing so? Don’t take care what others are saying. Just Love to what you are doing.

If you help others and others are happy with you, then you have done a lot.

Waiting you actively back in Community

Thanks Pero, that is a very good lesson I should have that in mind. I am already active.

Great news!

Hi Antonio… even as you did not leave Yii (as you where active with the extensions)… I’m happy you decided to come back to the forum…


Welcome again to the community!

Thanks Antonio

good news … really !

We are really happy to hear that! It was almost as if we lost a big part in our community when I read about this post. I’m glad that you decided to come back. I must commend you for you do help a lot of people especially the new ones since they learn a lot from you. Learning by experience is always the best teacher. I do hope that you be blessed always and more power to you!

So good to hear that.

I see a lot new comers actually helping to the community… Yii rocks in so many ways…

I am just a small part of it.

Keep the move going!

Hi Antonio,

I have read the thread and I know that you are not leaving this forum anymore (wee:D), but for some reason I can’t help but to still thank you for helping me, both directly and indirectly, in understanding Yii. I’ve been silently following your blog (don’t worry, I’m far from being a stalker) for new information and strategies that might come in handy with my future projects, and I must say that you’re doing a great job encouraging and inspiring people to learn more about Yii.