A subforum for JS and jQuery and CSS related questions?

I think it is a good time to start a subforum for specific:

  • JS and jQuery,
  • CSS

related questions.

These kind of question neither fit to General PHP Questions nor to General Framework Question.

Adding questions with [JS] or [CSS] prefixes to any of above or any other existing forums seems to be a little bit misunderstanding.

Or change General PHP Questions to General Webdevelopment Questions, and we will use above mentioned prefixes to distinguish topic groups.

After all, using CSS, JS and jQuery are right now unavoidable elements of webdevelopment process.

What do you think?

Good idea but I’d create a single subforum for all three. Something like “Clientside development questions”.


You know that people are posting with their brain up their arse…

95% of all posts in the Bug report forum is about bugs in peoples own code…

90% of posts in the tutorials and tricks forum is cries for help…

People post in Feature Requests because they think it means request for help…


So do you really think that new forums would improve the issue? :)

Just sayin’…

And to add to jacmoe list…

where would you post a question regardin the use of lets say CHtml::<any method> with the question about the ‘ajax’ option of the htmlOption parameter…

IMO if we add a jQuery forum… that woul be dedicated to pure jQuery problems… but there are only few programmers working with pure jQuery code here… if you add your jQuery code to a PHP method… that is not a pure jQuery :)

or let’s say you want to discuss the jQuery code of the delete button in the CGridView - CbuttonColumn… in which forum would you post?

What if we’d grant moderator rights to members we trust and they would be able to move topics to the right forums?

I think that the problem would be on how to choose what is the right forum…

Yii is doing a very nice job on "abstracting" a bit the jQuery code behind some methods… so it happens that sometime users do not even know that js/jQuery code is used (for example the CActiveForm clientside validation)… above that there are many topics that cover Yii+jQuery problems… not pure jQuery problems…

in the above example a discussion for the GridView delete button in what section would it go ? jQuery?.. and what if then the user asks on how to set the button url (that is not anymore a jQuery question)…

IMO… if we go with that forum… we should specify that the JS/Jquery forum is for pure js/jQuery questions… if any Yii method (any PHP) is related… then it’s not part of that section

A little OT but i often wondered if splitting general section into beginner and advanced section would make sense. Even if not everyone would post to the right section, we could still move the topics there.


What exactly are you referring to as advanced?

I knew that someone would ask this :). I couldn’t find a better name, but if you look at the forums you will probably agree that lots of the questions where already answered or even begin with “i started using Yii today …” or “sorry if this has already been asked …” or similar.

Then there are more advanced topics/questions where you immediately see, that the author has some experience and already did some research and the question/problem/topic is new.

If we had a pure beginner section, maybe we could be less strict there and invite newbies to ask their questions here.

On the other hand: I’m not sure if this is neccessary as most of the residents seemt to read all topics anyway as we don’t have such a huge user base.

Oh, and sorry Trejder for hijacking your thread :)

IMO the newcommers section is a better idea than the jQuery section as this one can be distinguished clearly by the type of the question…

the section can be called “newcommers to Yii” or “just started with Yii” with a description like “just starting with Yii and you can’t find your way with it… ask here”

I wouldn’t mind having the power to move topics…

If that would help you guys out.

Wow! I wouldn’t ever expected such rush in a small problem, that I posted! :] OK. In few words…

I strongly support the idea of extending rights for moving posts between topic groups to a bit wider range of users. It started with jacmoe post, but it seems that many other sees a requirement for such thing. I think, that with more people having this ability (of course, if it can be separated here from other admin-like rights) we could simply have more hands to clean the mess, we have right now on the forum. And if someone, who gained this right, would be doing to much wrong movements or would be generating even more mess, then higher level admin would be able to simple take back this right from that person.

And for the forum creation I asked for. For me personally, all the questions related to CSS / JS / jQuery and even CHTML, mentioned by mdomba, are purely view-side questions (you don’t use these in controller, model etc., right?). So the idea proposed by samdark of naming that forum “Client-side development questions” sound very good to me. But to be honest, any other idea would also sound good to me - i.e. anything that would allow to post such question anywhere else than in PHP General for Framework General, because I found these the most wrong places to post in.

And finally – Mike: no problem for hijacking thread, as long as you talk about something important. And your idea with splitting main forum for general and advanced questions sounds also interesting. The only problem is an ask to samdark’s question. Who and basing on what factors would decide, which question is or isn’t advanced-level? Many things advanced to me would seems so obvious to you, dev team members or other experienced users, that you could laugh on me asking for that, right? :]

Hi guys,

Do we have any progress on this after… months?

Will there be any special subforum for "client-side development", as samdark suggested? Will there be any separation for "newbies" and "experts" as Mike suggested?