A great framework!

Hi Yii’ers

Our company has officially moved to Yii.

We are in the process of converting our code base now, and it has been a very pleasant experience.

Just a big thank you to everyone involved with creating it!

Thanks for sharing and we will try to help out as much as we can in the future.

… also i cant seem to add extensions or wiki articles yet because im ‘too new’ I’m assuming I need to post first :slight_smile:

Hi nisteve, welcome to the forum

Just one thing for you to notice… you posted on the Yii 1.0 sub.forum (yii 1.0 is not maintained anymore)… if you are using Yii 1.1 please post there

as for any other posts (not regarding Yii) there are the "miscelaneous" and "general PHP" forums…

To be able to post new extension and/or wiki article you need to have at least 2 posts in the forum (we had to implement some antispam restrictions as it was becoming impossible to clean them manually)

Glad to have you on board…

Ok yes that was really silly of me. Sorry,

I saw the "general*" and clearly blanked out after that.

Is there any way to move it?

np… moved to "Miscellaneous" section…

a great framework? the best framework!