Zurmo Looking For Full Time Software Developers

  • Update as of September 3rd, 2013 - we are again hiring more developers *

Zurmo Open Source CRM is looking for two full time software developers to join our core team. We are one of the largest projects utilizing Yii and the fastest growing Open Source CRM out there. Our team works very hard and has accomplished a great deal over the past two years. Yesterday we reached an important milestone with the release of Zurmo 1.0. In addition to Yii, Zurmo is built on two other development frameworks: RedBeanPHP, and jQuery. We strictly follow a Test Driven Development methodology. Our goal is a simple one. Build the highest engineered CRM on the planet that people will actually use.

Join us as we move forward.

Absolute Requirements:


  • 5 Years dedicated PHP experience

  • Competency with RedBean and JQuery

  • Active involvement with other Yii Projects

  • Experience working on at least one other Test Driven Developed project

Communication and Availability

  • Must be comfortable speaking and writing basic English (native fluency is not required)

  • Must be able to work interdependently and be available to communicate through chat with our US based team. In the event that you are located in a different timezone, we can be flexible, but we ask that you can be available for meetings either in the morning or evening.

  • References and recommendations are required

Please send your CV and rate requirements (hourly, in USD, based on a full time, 40 hour work week) to stafford at zurmo dot com.

I want to bounce this back up. We are growing our team of developers and hiring again. Give me a shout if you want to work for Zurmo.

We are once again looking for developers. Please read the requirements above and send me an email (NOT a PM) if you meet the qualifications and are interested. stafford at zurmo dot com.


Once again we are hiring. Please do not contact us if you are representing an agency or a dev shop. Please email, do not send a PM. Please follow all the guidelines in the job description. Thank you.

Still hiring! Submit your application: http://www.zurmo.com/careers

Still hiring. If you haven’t already, please submit your application here: http://www.zurmo.com/careers

Hello Yii Community.

I am pushing this back up as we are once again hiring.

A big part of our engineering team has come from this community and we want more!

Apply here: http://www.zurmo.com/careers

(Please no PMs and no agencies)