Zopica.com - 'Site Of The Week' Yii Radio

Hi guys,

A big thank you to everyone the forum and not least the Yii Developers for creating such a well rounded, fast and easy to pick up PHP framework!

We’ve just launched our new website for comparing cheap car hire - Zopica. It’s built completely on the Yii framework with custom extensions and a few standard ones to boot.

Although we’ve got a lot of re-factoring still to do etc. Yii has made creating this site a breeze. I can honestly say we will never go back :slight_smile:

Please let me know what you think of Zopica (including any bugs!).


P.S. we’ve been made ‘site of the week’ by Yii Radiio :)

Nice interface. Just wonder,are these cars in your database, or you are using some APi to get them?

HI Julian. Very nice UI/UX indeed, one can see lots of attention to detail. Good luck/launch.

yes, very nice UI. Congrats !

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the encouraging comments!

The cars are built up from several api’s - as the prices change very regularly this is the only way.


i don’t know if you can answer that

you use an extension for the forms?

for example the “Oops! There’s a few mistakes” pop up

or the nice colors around the texts box when they get focus?

Hi amiramir,

No i’m afraid that was all custom done, so not modular enough for an extension yet! I’ll let you if we bring anything into the public domain :slight_smile:

I should be able to answer any specifics if you need a hand.

Just noticed we’ve been made ‘site of the week’ by Yii Radiio. Sweet! You can check out their great podcast here