Zip Locator

I’ve published ZipLocator ( http://www.yiiframew…ion/ziplocator/ ): an extension for calculating he distance between two zip codes or to get the zip codes in a radius (currently only works with US zipcodes).

If you have inquiries or bugs, let me know.

Best regards.

Thanks for sharing :)

I can give you the longitudes and latitudes of all Belgium cities, including their zip code, name and province (kinda like states).

If you’re interested, let me know.

Sure, It would be great. Thanks.


to add implementations for international zip codes, what should be done?

are you interested on working on the extension yet?

This looks great, I am planning on adding zipcode locating features to the locate behavior of my weather extension. Can you post the source of your data? I had looked at using data from the zips db project

or possibly yahoo placefinder service. Anyway, thanks for the work and I will definitely look at your code.