I was browsing and surfing across Google Code and found this:


Qiang has serious plans about keeping the core framework extremely minimal and implement optional, yet very useful components as official extensions.

I think he’d be happy if we listed all recommended libraries here. Many developers already use third-party classes (aka vendor libraries) in order to extend Yii’s capabilities, and they are should be listed here as well.

At this time I can think of the following modules:


[*]Mail support (with SMTP, probably IMAP)

[*]XML-RPC (for trackbacks)


[*]Feed aggregating and generating


Let Yii spread. :) Good luck, Zii!

Saw this one months before ;)

ZF Zend_Mail handles this perfectly.

It is already planned for 1.1.

Can be done with ZF.

But generally centralized SVN looks good.

Yes, I tried it with Google SMTP using SSL, it ran into an undebuggable infinite loop. Even official bug ticket exists, nothing happened for months.

This is a very weird kind (Zendy kind of) perfection, isn’t it?

I decided to use Pear instead, and had set up within a minute.

I rather write my own extension and not rely on Zend Framework ever again.

You dug this out! ;) Thanks for starting this topic to gather ideas.

Yes, the general principle is that we’d like to keep the core relatively compact and stable while using the zii project to maintain self-contained components that accomplish commonly needed tasks.

We have not decided how zii should be developed, documented and released. One thing for sure is that it would involve tremendous effort and we will recruit new team members to work on this. At the same time, the zii project should also be very fun.

Unfortunately I personally don’t have much experience with leading community-driven open source projects, but here’s my $.02:

  • If you wish to allow anonymous/non-official developer contribution (with admin approval of course), a separate forum category would be fine to help responsible administrators review code.

  • In order to keep components compatible, they should be organized and tagged similarly to Yii. I suppose it is highly recommended to keep extensions compatible with the latest major Yii branch; so minor Yii versions must not introduce changes that would cause any compatibility issue with any extension.

  • Can it be possible so that extensions generate the same quality documentation that core does? I mean, every extension has its own introductory and api page here at yiiframework.com/extensions.

I’m quite sure that extensions will be far more popular if they were accessible through this site, and not only from Google Code.

This zii library is called official extension library. That means, it will be treated with the same quality control including its documentation and maintenance And of course, we will package it well in release files, just like the yii core. No, we don’t allow anonymous contributions, and we also don’t allow non-official developer contribution (that belongs to the current extension library). As time goes, we expect to gradually expand the team size maintaining zii.

This is totally acceptable.

Then please share your ideas about becoming an official developer - can someone with enough forum activity / programmer reputation be zii contributor/code committer?

What extensions are planned first?

Is OpenId still planned for Yii 1.1 or for Zii?

@Qiang: I think you should probably think of another name than Zii for this since it’s already trademarked (see: http://www.zii.com)

knut, good catch. What about iixtensions? I wasn’t serious, sorry. :P

I think it should be fine since we are not using zii for marketing purpose. It may be considered as a code name. Plus, the zii trademark used by zii.com is in a different field.


Haven’t decided on this yet because I’m extremely busy recently and don’t have time to manage things yet.

I understand.

Many tickets have been created regarding non-essential classes and features (they are mostly planned for milestone 1.1a). May they be collected here and transferred manually to zii project to cleanse Yii issues?

Yeah, we plan to do so. We will also move some less commonly used widgets (e.g. CTabView) from yii to zii.

Why not call the library ‘xii’? xii == extension

What do you mean?

[SOLVED] : figured it out 5 mins after this post

Hi ,

i’m trying to use the CJuiTabs . However ,

i didn’t understand where the “zii” directory

I like Zii but if you ever have to change, how about Qii (like “key”, also named after you know who ; ) or Cii (like “see”) ? :D

Hey Guys…

How do I download the extension Zii of your repository? I1m not getting even using subversion system…

Someone can help me?

It’ll be part of the 1.1 release. You can already download the RC version from the download page.