zii.widgets.jui.CJuiDatePicker - some questions


I am not able to set the


at the right position in my form view.

I want to position it below the linked input field.

I tried some HTML options but with no result. The widget remains over the input field. I have to press the ESC key to see the input field.

Also I would like to get the DatePicker dragable if this is possible.

This is my code:


$this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiDatePicker', array(

   'id' => 'date-begin',

   'model' => $model,

   'attribute' => 'Beginn',

   'language' => 'de',

   'htmlOptions' => array(

       'size' => '10',

       'maxlength' => '10',

       'style' => 'top:100px'



Please help.

Hi Rebug,

Have you checked below links. I hope it can solve your problem





Thank you for answering me.

After I took a more esactly look on my code, I found, that I did not differentiate between options and htmlOptions. But this did not solve my problem. Again the datePicker did not appear right beneath the input field. Then I found out the real reason:

The input field with the datePicker is inside an iframe and this is inside a JQueryUi dialog DIV. Both the height of the iframe and of the dialog were too small.

Sorry for my stupidity.