Zii merged into Yii

Please comment on this change to the yii repository


We are doing so mainly because maintaining two repositories (and thus two project trackers) makes our development more troublesome.

The original intention of having zii is to host more user-contributed extensions. It turns out by doing so, it requires our tremendous efforts in maintaining the hosted extensions. So as a matter of fact, zii now only contains non-core official extensions.

Because we always release yii together with zii, it is better and easier for us to merge them into a single Google project.

In the future, if we have many more new zii extensions, we will consider releasing them in separate packages.

I did not mean that zii should be maintained in a separate repo but that it should be in an extensions directory under /svn instead of in the framework folder.

Before the merge, i could checkout yii framework folder and ignore externals so i wouldn’t be checking out zii. Now that they are merged, when i check out yii framework, i’ll always get zii included.

Yii svn woule look like






My application structure usually looks like this


app/lib/other libs



If i’m a user that chooses to use zii, then I would just checkout zii to


and include in my index.php file

Yii::setPathOfAlias(‘zii’,‘path/to/zii’); without any hassle.

Please consider this.

Nope, that will break existing applications that use zii and only have the framework folder.