Zii Isn't Being Translated?

I’m quite new to using Yii, and I have a small issue right now with finishing translations, for the most part I’ve figured out how to work with translations and where most of the text can be found (like to replace any static text in Gii-generated code), but for some reason translations for zii elements are not being applied.

I use en_US en nl_NL as region codes,and I’m not sure if translations for yii itself are applies, but I’m guessing that they probably don’t work either (but I don’t know how to check this).

so, first thing I though, in the documentation about i18n, it does state Yii uses en_us, not en_US (which for any UNIX-style OS would be different), but does that matter in this case?

if that is the problem I can use MySQL’s REPLACE and change the code to use fully lower-case RegionID’s, however, due to compatibility I’d rather keep the current format, because using it in lower-case will cause issues with an older App that I do need to keep using for a while (though this App will replace it fully later on).

the translations for any translation file I created work, so it does seem like Yii works fine with en_US instead of en_us, but does it get the yii and zii translations from the same directory? (so \messages\RegionID\*.php) or is there some kind of ‘global’ location for all translations for yii and zii?

and if so, is it realistic to just change the name of those? or would that cause trouble in other places?

to clarify, I noticed this from the “displaying x-y of x results” that is shown on the top right of a grid view, as that really remains ‘displaying x-y of x results’ even when the site is being viewed in dutch.


try setting this in your config and check if that makes any difference

"language" => "nl",


edit: message for zii and yii are located under framework folder