Zedo With Ajax

Hello Every One ,

I have successfully made a Ajax Yii Project.I did it By Following The Instructions Given in Tpoxa's Ajax tutorials .

[font="Arial Black"]Now I Have 2 problems :[/font]

  1. Changing The Url Structure :

I want to change the url of my Site.I want to make it little user friendly.Its very messy now.

My Current Url looks Something like this :


Now , my Desired Url should be like this :


In Short , i want to replace

" #url= " with " #! "

2. Zedo With Ajax :

My second Problem is , The banners in my WebSite are coming from a Zedo Script.

But when i add that script in my Ajax Web Site , the page starts getting refreshed , which should not happen in a Ajax wesite .

I don’t know , why the page is getting refreshed and when i remove that Zedo script my site is fully Ajax (no page refresh)

So is it that Zedo and Ajax dont work together or we have to make some changes . i have no idea

Please help

Waiting for a reply.

Thanks in Advance :D