I have installed the YUM Release Candidate 3 this morning, and followed all the instructions for installation and found the following irregularities:

[i]9.) Click on the ‘update Icon’ (the pencil) of your administrator User.

Change the Password to something more safe than ‘admin’. Click Save.


This could not be done before changing the URL to:

Also, there are a lot of functionality that does not work, when I try to change the password, it complaints that the password cannot exceed 16 characters, even though the password is only 8 characters. I was unsuccessful at changing the password.

I could not assign a role to the demo or any other userid, it complains the that role is unselectable. I cannot send a message to anybody as nobody appears in the To pick list. That particular screen implies that you can only pick amongst your friends even if I am the Admin account. The Friendship module does not appear in the admin menu even though it is listed in the modules array.

I have not tested extensively, but I suspect that there are a number of other things that do not work as well.