YouTube API v2.0 – Browser-based Uploading

Hi guys. Does anybody know how to use Yii to allow users to upload videos directly to youtube. Any extension for it ?

I found this interesting tutorial… of how we can integrate Zend gdata.

How I would like to know how can I manage the routing options especially for this code given that I want the user to upload the video with other form elements.


	$video = new Zend_Gdata_YouTube_VideoEntry();

	$video->setVideoTitle('YOUR VIDEO TITLE HERE');

	$video->setVideoDescription('YOUR VIDEO DESCRIPTION HERE');


	$video->setVideoCategory('YOUR VIDEO CATEGORY HERE');

	$video->SetVideoTags('YOUR VIDEO TAGS HERE');

	$handler_url	= '';

	$token_array	= $yt->getFormUploadToken($video, $handler_url);

	$token		= $token_array['token'];

	$post_url	= $token_array['url'];

	$next_url 	= 'YOUR NEXT YOUR URL';


I solved this issue. Also wrote a Wiki here for future reference.

Enjoy :slight_smile: