We decided to use Yii for our new platform

So far, we’re super happy with it!

Looks quite promising.

Keep up the good work… especially with frag-mutti… wie oft mir die Seite schon geholfen hat ;)



your site is verry fast :rolleyes: ?

can you tell as what extension do you use ?


@rhomb: Vielen Dank, das freut mich :slight_smile:

@abeel: We’re not using any specific yii extension to speed up the page if that’s what you mean.

Good work!

Did you use a particular extension for the URLs?

No, I basically just followed the ideas presented in the guide:

Especially the custom URL rule classes are excellent and flexible. Love this feature of Yii.

Like it… B)

Great work dear…

best of Luck :mellow: