Your experience with Yii CMS ?

I am new to this forum and have some real experience with Yii but haven’t be able to create some good enough code to reuse in future projects. I decide that I should go with an existing CMS or something similar that I can tweak to my own way instead of starting from scratch.

I checked the Flexicacms one and up to now quite impressed with what I found. I tend to choose this one but it haven’t got any document yet. I have limited experience with the other such as Web3CMS or yiiBoost. yiiBost is nicer but Web3CMS could be the first one. I want to make sure that while its official site look great, what FlexicaCMS has are not just fancy things before I use it in my projects.

What are your experience with these CMS, any comparison or idea you can share ?

Up to now, I just installed Flexica and tried it for a few days. Good administrator panel though the top menu has a bug of active menu.

Its setting parameter system is a huge enhancement of Yii parameters in config file.

Access control has GUI like sRBAC, kind of more extended but annoyed message in the admin panel. Need more document to fully understand this important feature.

Great friendly URL, totally dynamic (no hard coded url rules) but I don’t understand while no regex for URL param. This will possibly a security issue but I am not security expert so …

Pages are widget based, easily to customize. This is exactly what i need but problem is i don’t know how to coordinate widgets on the same page. Again, documentation trouble!!!

Major problem is the author says it’s easy to manage content but I actually spent half day to understand how content is managed. It only become simple and straight forward after you catch the idea of page is a combination of widgets and if you look at the widget name, you know content is in which module. So, easy for developer but still works to be done to say easy for end-user.

none. i build my own applications with Yii B)

I use FlexicaCMS, hahaha :lol: Love to vote but I guess I cant.

You may try

None… some are looking promising but not one of them is really ready for production yet.

Site is down ?

Yeah, my plan is just to find the most promising one to invest my time on it

from what i’ve seen, flexicacms is showing the most promise.

Really? It works for me. Also try the google code page:

Thanks, Mike. I see the Phundament demo there. In fact, from the demo point of view i am more convinced by flexicacms.

Same troubles, very raw documentation.

But i think supper CRUD might be cool, i will download and try out

None of those but there is a lot of idea how to make you own CMS.

but if i need to chose so i choose FlexicaCMS

To be complete this poll should have “other” and “none” :)

None, I don’t like any of them (sorry :) ). I began to develop my own CMS but it takes time.


How can I download FlexicaCMS.

The registration is closed at the moment so I can’t register to download :(

What to do?

None. I develop with pure Yii.

I would vote “none”. I think Yii doesn’t need a CMS, at least a copy of a some existing one. The fact some CMS is made with Yii doesn’t make this CMS better in any way. There are already many CMS, and creation of a Drupal-like CMS can take ages, but it doesn’t worth it. I would better spend my time creating useful extensions/modules/components which are easy to configure and extend and can allow to build sites rapidly and make this process even more enjoyable. Of course, this requires writing some code by hands, but personally I prefer this way than boring clicking in a browser :)

why using cms? write own)))

please anyone help me ,how can write this code in yii framework ,I will try to make own cms for my project ,thanks in advance

[b]And then print data from table:


// include connection page


// select data from pages table in database

$pages_query = $mysqli->query("SELECT * FROM pages")or die(mysqli_error($mysqli));

// fetch all data in an array

$pages_fetch = $pages_query->fetch_assoc();

// assign page data to $data variable

$data = $pages_fetch[‘Data’];

Split page contents with </break> separator

$data = explode("&lt;/break&gt;",$data);

// print data before </break> tag

echo $data[0];

// print readmore… link in page

echo <a href=‘pages.php?id=".$pages_fetch[‘ID’]."’>More…</a>";