Your agile YII work force

Miracle Technolgoies is one of the leading providers of YII offshore development . We have been developing projects using YII framework since it is very inception. Whether you are a small, midsize or large business or an IT consulting company, Miracle can provide a wide selection of qualified Agile YII resources for your projects.

Building enterprise software involves more than just writing code. It is a platform to explore newer and innovative ways to make your business grow.

Miracle prides itself at creating solutions which match the ever evolving needs of diverse people, while empowering them to improve consistently. Combining Lean and Agile, we can enable the entire enterprise to adapt as easily as possible.

We can also proudly say that we have worked on one of the biggest ERP project developed using YII. We can demo our capabilities and provide the required references as and when needed.

You can try our services for one week by hiring a dedicated developer, without any cost!

Miracle offers a free trial program for a week, allowing you to hire the services of a developed of your choice, without any contract to paying any expenses. This one week will enable you to decide if the developer is according to your team requirements. If yes, then you are welcome to enter our full contract period and the developed will become a part of your team. In case it is not so, then another developer will be available to continue with the process.

The trial project : We offer you to choose a trial project, in the form of any part of our outsourcing software, such as a function point or module which requires developing in order to assess the capability, working method, work efficiently and development proficiency of the developer.

Start your free trial today.

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