You tweak the code to fit your exact needs ?

I like the new site and appreciate that a lot of effort will have gone into creating it. However, I am really unhappy about the line: "You tweak the code to fit your exact needs".

The previous draft published on the forum read:

A simple way to build fast, secure and professional Web applications.

  1. Design and create the database;

  2. Auto-generate the corresponding PHP code using Yii;

  3. Tune up the generated code to fit for the actual requirements.

Even this, with the use of ‘tune up’, I thought a bit misleading, but changing it to ‘tweak’, well the politest thing I can say is that its disingenuous. The word tweak means - To adjust slightly; to fine-tune. Building sites with Yii is a lot more than this. What’s more, nearly every serious visitor to the site will know this, so these words will simple undermine their confidence in what else is said.

Agree with you. Could you help us think of some better words about this?

Why not just say:

You extend the code to fit your exact needs.

Fixed. Thanks for your suggestion.

btw, there is a broken link at :

at the top light gray toolbar "demos" is pointing to doc/demos, it should be /demos

Thanks. Fixed.

Curent text is:

[list=1][]You create the database;[]Yii generates the base PHP code;[*]You customize the code to fit your exact needs.[/list]

I would suggest to remove "you", something like:[list=1][]Create the database - or - Design and create the database[]Generate the base PHP using Yii code generator[*]Customise the code to fit your exact needs[/list]