Yiiwheels's Whdatepicker + Zii's Cjuiautocomplete = Conflict?... :(

Good day!

I am having a style(?) issue with WhDatePicker if it’s followed by a CJuiAutoComplete.

When I use Cjuiautocomplete on the same form with WhDatePicker then the Style and settings of datepicker is not loaded properly. Actually, it uses Zii’s CJuiDatePicker and it’s default settings instead of WhDatePicker.

If I comment Cjuiautocomplete field and reload page - WhDatePicker is rendering properly.

How can I resolve this issue?

This solution (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21950782/whdatepicker-style-is-not-working-if-we-have-cjuidautocomplete-on-same-form) is not ok for me - as I use MultiModalForm extention and there’s a lot of JuiActocompletes at the bottom. And WhDatePicker MUST be at the top. Second solution with using another theme also didn’t worked (possibly I did something wrong…)

PLEASE, help me - I’m ready even to edit Yiiwheels’ core - I’m so desperate )) but I don’t know how to do it in “minimal impact”

Thank you!

UPD: This issie is kind of critical to me: I can’t change language and date format which is used in my Country (Ukraine). :(


Please show some screenshot of your output… then forum can help to resolve

Thank you for reply!

Of course - please, see the following situations:

#1 BAD DatePicker

#2 GOOD DatePicker

Still looking for answer… can anybody help?.. :(