Yiiwheels Whhighchart size

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i use yii and this widget for making a chart


but it turns out that it couldn’t be sized as i want. it just fit as wide as my screen. i want to make it a bit smaller. But how? i’ve tried adding 'htmlOption=>array(‘height’=>…, ‘width’=>…) but it makes no change.

here’s my code




foreach($grafikskor->getData() as $i=>$ii)








    'pluginOptions' =&gt; array(

        'title'  =&gt; array('text' =&gt; 'Grafik Simulasi Siswa'),

        'xAxis'  =&gt; array(

            'categories' =&gt; &#036;label


        'yAxis'  =&gt; array(

            'title' =&gt; array('text' =&gt; 'Skor Simulasi')


        'series' =&gt; array(




    'htmlOptions' =&gt; array(

        'width'=&gt; '250',

        'heght' =&gt; '100'





anyone know this?