Yiit v1.0

I have created a package (which i plan to build as a netbeans plugin sometime in near future) to help myself and other use Yii as base and do rapid internet application development by bundling the most commonly used/needed functionality along with the skeleton project that yii creates.

You can download the latest code from Github on https://github.com/shoaibi/yiit (sorry, damn spam filters, can’t embed links). Github page also contains further details regarding what this project is, what it contains …

I would appreciate all the feedback, suggestions and criticism i can get.


Good start. Don’t bloat it too much.

I think it’s a great idea. I’ve started something similar on my own, but it’s turned into more of a learning exercise, as I’m new to Yii, and develop more as a hobby. I’ve noticed that all of the apps I want to build have base requirements that are very close to each other. I’ve started more on the application side (feels like working backwards), with the intent to add more onto the configuration side, where it looks like you’re doing it the “right” way, and starting with the foundational items.

My current challenge is user registration and management…I started off using yii-user-management as a base for functionality, but the lack of OpenId, Twitter, and Facebook support caused me to start writing my own routines.

Your readme calls out a great list of features as well!

On the user front, Yii User seems to be pretty well received, but it also does not have any provisions for registration via oauth or openid, which I consider essential…usernames and passwords, with lengthy registration forms are old fashioned. Modern applications need to enable simple signup and progressive engagement to ensure as few bounces as possible with peoples’ initial interactions. This becomes more important when using a mobile device, as users are much more likely to tap “allow” (for federated auth), than to sit there and type a bunch of information in from a tiny touch keyboard.

Also, don’t know how well the existing REST features in Yii work, but enabling some sort of REST API so your applications’ services can be consumed across many different devices/platforms will be key as well.

Great work, sorry for the rant!