Yiistrap Vs Yii Bootstrap

Hi guys,

I’m new with Yii framework and I start to learn about Yii-Bootrap, but then I found a new extension called Yiistrap, in the description they said Yiistrap is a complete rewrite of the popular yii-bootstrap extension. Yii-Bootstrap was more or less a collection of widget which made it almost possible to extend. We have learned from our mistakes built Yiistrap on robust helper classes to make it easy to work with.

I didn’t get what they want to say by this and I’d like to get concrete examples of difference between them.


Afaik both extensions are for Yii 1.1. If you use Yii 2, it already supports Bootstrap, no extension needed.

But I still need to know difference between them 2. Why should I use the first and not the other.