Yiistrap Themes

I’m new to Yii. The backend stuff I have an handle on. Front end design is always a challenge for me. After reading a bit I’ve decided that I want to use the bootstrap widgets, helpers, classes, etc via (YiiStrap).

I’m confused though about styling. The YiiStrap download doesn’t seem to include a theme, like that available at http://getbootstrap.com. How do I theme or layout (template) my site using this extension?

Also can I use the themes at https://wrapbootstrap.com or similar sites? If so how do I go about incorporating them into my site.

Looking for pointers, guidance, best practices.


Yiistrap is good but Booster is better.

but first download Yiistrap. In downloaded folder you can find a themes folder you should cut it and paste in your root folder in www, so you should have:

www/themes/bootstrap/css and www/themes/bootstrap/view

then download bootster from above link and just extract it in extension folder and rename it to bootstrap

go to config folder and main.php and add these codes:

//in your components:




//in module (if you want to use gii):








//use these lines in first line of main.php array

return array(

	'name'=>'Your site name',

	'preload' => array( //for new bootstrap