yiishop module for large application

hi. i seem yiishop http://www.yiiframew…ension/yiishop/ module have good review …

i suppose to develop kind of large web application for my client using YII 1.0. it have following features


[*]multiple seller marketplace

[*]big product category & type feature like ebay & amazon

[*]3 payment getways(paypal,stripe and local payment get way)

[*]coupon & discount features

[*]Product specifications(multiple like ebay & aliexpress)

[*]multiple shipping manage

[*]bidding option

[*]auction market


actually similar like ebay & aliexpress concept

i need to clarify. this module is good for large e commerce site like this app or better build custom with out using like this module. because there have lot of update in feature ? And is this extention support for yii 2 ?