Yiishop Extension

Hello everyone.

I am newbie in Yii.Currently I installed the framework and the yiishop extension. I install it successfully. However, when I want to set the CSS of the file, I dun understand how to set it. Is there anyone can help?


Try to find /protected/views/layouts/main.php

yes, I did it…I found those css file. tq.

Nice module!! it’s running fine on my local windows apache via xampp server, but I’m getting a server error HTTP 500 when I try it on a remote linux server. And, there is no information getting logged to trace?? It’s the same size before selecting the link (or typing it in: (app/shop/products, or app/shop/shop/index ) as after?

I’m running other modules just fine: rbam and admin.

I did have some problems with table names due to case sensitivity of linux vs. windows. But it’s hard to figure out what’s going on with no feedback!!

What are some things I could change to try different situations? test different potential issues??


Basicaly new to yii so I’m having trouble understanding how to install this.

The instructions says to copy to modules folder.

Lol, that is where I get stuck!

What should the directory structure look like?

Can I use the demo blog setup and just create a modules folder and make the changes?

I’m just not getting how yii does things :(

Ok, figured this out!


You need to run yiic to create a webapp in your destinarion directory. I called it yiishop ;)

Then create a modules directory within the protected folder that yii created for you.

The copy paste the download of yiishop (called shop)

Goto site: yiishop/index.php?r=shop/install

Should be good to go!

Ugh, this seems so obvious but should really be a standard link on the site and in the forums!

Is there some extension to manage user with YiiShop? i’ve tried Yum, but it’s not yet integrated…

So now i’m developing using YiiShop+User+Rights…



Alias "shop.ShopModule" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file.

why do i get this message always. i tried several ways to solve the problem but failed. can someone help me to solve this problem?

sooooon… waiting for reply.

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how to install yiishop module. while installing it shows exception shopmodule.debug not defined