Yii's Offline Documentation(Inspired By Jqapi)

Hi friends,

I was using yiiapi.com, but recently when i wanted to use it it redirects me git . There I saw some comments on yii docs but could not find any instillation instructions how to set up.

Would be great to find solution to use it offline!

Thanks in advance…

You can download the documentation from the Yii download page - http://www.yiiframework.com/download/

I have downloaded it; what to do with HTML pages; Can I configure them with the one I downloaded from GitHub and work with it as I work with online(yiiapi) docs(

Fom Borales: Usable & Searchable API Doc for Yii Framework - http://yiiapi.com/)

In theory it should work because that project uses those HTML files… but the setup is not documented…